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  • Build a piece of paradise in San Juan Del Sur For Sale : $35,000

    Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity and a genuine piece of paradise to set up your ideal retreat? We have a building plot in the award winning premier eco development in Nicaragua, Las Fincas de Esquamaquitas (see   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : San Juan del Sur

  • Talanguera Condominiums, San Juan del Sur For Sale : $220,000-$400,000

    Beach front condos in Talenguera, Playa San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua within walking distance of town. Talenguera is an upscale residential neighborhood of San Juan del Sur. A pedestrian walkway offers quick and easy walking   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : San Juan del Sur

  • Selva del Mar For Sale : $20,000-$95,000

    Selva del Mar (Ocean Jungle) is located west of Playa Gigante in Nicaragua and is envisioned as an eco-resort. Long ocean view and green view lots are available. The road access from Tola is unpaved but regularly graded. The Tola   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : Tola And Popoyo

  • Secret Cove For Sale : $120,000-$200,000

    A residential resort development located overlooking the Bay of Salinas in the most southwesterly portion of Nicaragua. The hills of Costa Rica's Guanacaste region are easily visible here. Secret Cove offers homes and condos for sale. The paving of the   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : South of San Juan del Sur

  • Seaside Mariana For Sale : $150,000-$1,900,000

    Seaside Mariana is a residential resort community located on the Central Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It is the site for a planned Jack Nicklaus championship golf course. The community is set on a 923 acre gated beach front property.   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : Central Pacific Nicaragua

  • Remanso Beach Resort, Nicaragua For Sale : $60,000-$200,000

    Remanso Beach Resort is located south of San Juan del Sur on the first easily accessible beach. Ocean view lots and homes are available for re-sale in this residential community. Remanso beach is a well-known surfing spot and benefits from   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : San Juan del Sur

  • Rancho Santana For Sale : $40,000-$1,350,000

    Rancho Santana is located on a 3000-acre reserve in Nicaragua with two miles of Pacific Ocean coastline and five distinct beaches. Ocean view real estate and beach front condominiums are available with access to surf breaks. This is one   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : Tola And Popoyo

  • Rancho Papayal For Sale : $20,000-$60,000

    Rancho Papayal is located 2 miles north of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua overlooking Nacascolo bay. The development offers ocean and bay view homesites set within a natural environment. Currently the short drive from San Juan del Sur to   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : San Juan del Sur

  • Rancho del Oro For Sale : $20,000-$60,000

    Rancho del Oro is comprised of a 20 acre parcel of land in the foothills of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The development contains two reserve areas and offers ocean view home sites with close access to the shops, cafes,   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : San Juan del Sur

  • Prana del Sol For Sale : $20,000-$60,000

    Prana del Sol, (the Yoga Lots) is located five minutes walk from Playa Gigante, and a 25 minute drive west Rivas in Nicaragua. Green view lots are available. The project is “eco-focussed” and provides surfers with close walking access to   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : Tola And Popoyo

  • Portofino, Nicaragua For Sale : $190,000-$450,000

    Portofino is a planned modern Mediterranean style condominium community in the La Talenguera part of San Juan del Sur. The masterplan details seven four-floor buildings. The Talanguera area is emerging as one of San Juan del Sur's most prestigious   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : San Juan del Sur

  • Playa Santa Rosa For Sale : $70,000-$250,000

    Playa Santa Rosa is a beach community located a gently rolling hills a little north of El Transito on Nicaragua’s central Pacific coast approximately half way between the capital city of Managua and colonial town of Leon. The beach front   more...

    Country : Nicaragua

    Location : Central Pacific Nicaragua

Listings Map
Real Estate Market Overview
  • Nicaragua is down-to-earth and authentic. There’s not much of the glitz you’re starting to see elsewhere in the region. The tourism minister likes to say that “Nicaragua has everything except snow.” That may be the case but it’s still a country searching for a stable identity on the world stage.

    One thing everyone agrees on is that Nicaragua is beautiful. The country has magnificent beaches known for their world-class surf and pleasant year-round sunshine, soaring volcanoes, huge freshwater lakes and historic colonial cities. Nicaragua’s strong year on year growth in tourism visitors is testament to this appeal.

    Cost of living in Nicaragua is cheaper than in Belize, Costa Rica or Panama (Of 214 countries ranked in the Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Nicaragua’s capital, Managua comes in at #213.) The flipside of this equation GDP per capita is among the lowest in Central America.

    But make no mistake, Nicaragua is moving forward. Data compiled by the IMF has shown that Nicaragua beat regional averages for economic growth in recent years, tourism visitors are growing strongly (including in 2013 according to latest figures) and the country has improved against many categories in the World Bank Doing Business Report 2012,

    An ‘early-in’ market for Nicaragua real estate?

    Browse the top property listing sites and you’ll find surf real estate, ocean view properties, historic colonial homes in Granada, beachfront lots, vacation homes, beach houses, beach condos, oceanfront property and so on. It’s an exciting, very diverse property market with a great deal to offer.

    Nicaragua on development curvePromoters tout Nicaragua real estate for sale as representing an ‘early-in’ market at the beginning of a growth phase. It may not stay at this point in the curve for much longer. Nicaragua has already seen significant growth the past few years, partly helped by inexpensive prices, a reputation as a safe country, growing tourism and increased air connections with the United States.

    While poverty reduction and economic development still pose challenges, the country has enormous potential for a positive future. Right now, some commentators are wary of Nicaragua given the rhetoric from President Daniel Ortega and his close relationship to Hugo Chavez the controversial leader of Venezuela. But others are saying that Nicaragua real estate presents a huge buying opportunity with developers releasing property at never-to-be-seen-again prices.

    Large scale road improvements are taking place in key tourism areas and new businesses are opening. Nicaragua has complied (unlike many other nations) with prescribed IMF demands for cutting its deficit, implementing structural reforms, and maintaining overall monetary stability. This, together with the successful completion of negotiations of the Central American Free Trade Agreement is helping to drive the improvement of infrastructure, economic situation, and position in the global marketplace.

    Real estate in Nicaragua: after the downturn

    Real estate in Nicaragua At Playa Blanca

    Despite a softening of the real estate market during the global financial crisis the international real estate sector in Nicaragua did not experienced the large, across-the-board declines seen in the US, UK and other developed world markets.

    A key reason for this is the undeveloped mortgage market in Nicaragua for real estate purchases by foreigners. As most buyers pay in cash there’s no shadow inventory of foreclosures dragging the market down. The low property taxes in Nicaragua have also helped. Still as sales rates slowed, some real estate developments stalled and others pulled back on more ambitious aspects of their master-plan.

    A bright spot in the international property market is the growing sector of ‘lifestyle buyers’ looking for small, functional, turnkey property. They’re attracted by the low cost of living possible in Nicaragua and keen to pursue a life overseas away from the glare of what they perceive to be an increasingly predatory government style back home. Developers who are able to shift their attention away from the speculator and address the needs of the lifestyle buyer are doing well in the current investment climate.

    Nicaragua property hotspots

    The consolidation of the coastline in the south west of the country between El Transito and Costa Rica as the prime real estate zone, with San Juan del Sur as a pivotal center, is underway. Over 80% of Nicaragua real estate projects in our survey fall within this zone which takes in the Central Pacific (due west of Managua and closest to the international airport), the Tola Riviera, the town of San Juan del Sur, the Maderas/Marsella area and the coastline south of San Juan del Sur to the border with Costa Rica. On offer are dramatic ocean vistas, secluded beaches and famed surfing waves.

    An important property hotspot away from the Pacific is the colonial town of Granada. For the most part, the Granada real estate market comprises individual colonial homes (both restored and un-restored) for sale rather then property within planned developments.

    Our Nicaragua property page provides more information on price points for real estate across different categories. Subscribe to the Reveal Real Estate newsletter for more analysis of real estate in Nicaragua comparisons of property prices across Central America.

    Types of property ownership

    The majority of property for sale in Nicaragua has a fee simple (freehold) title. There is leasehold property for sale, although this makes up a small proportion of total sales of Nicaragua real estate in the country. Some Nicaragua real estate is held as titulo suppletorio (providing rights of possession). In many cases it is possible to rectify possession title to freehold (fee simple) ownership.  For more on this, check out the Coldwell Banker Nicaragua FAQs.

    A new Coastal Law was approved in June 2009 by the National Assembly. It provides a solid framework for managing the development of Nicaragua’s coastline and puts in place strong measures for protecting private property ownership. The public zone has been defined as 50m from the median high tide mark.

    Purchasing and registering property

    All Nicaragua real estate purchases must be witnessed by a local attorney and notary public. (In Nicaragua, attorneys are also notary publics) The legal due diligence involves reviewing the escritura publica (public deed); libertad de gravaman (document showing absence of liens and encumbrances); solvencia municipal (document showing the state of taxes on the property) as well as any additional terms and conditions of the contract of sale. For certain transactions a technical due diligence runs in parallel and considers (for example) boundaries and topography, water availability, energy availability, analysis of permissions and permits, highest and best use studies and Nicaragua property market studies.

    Once the due diligence periods have been completed and the property is cleared for sale, the closing is scheduled. At the closing a new public deed is drawn and signed by both seller and buyer (or person with power of attorney for either party) in front of a notary public. At the same time funds for the purchase of the property are transferred from the buyer to the seller.

    Following the closing, a Catastral Certificate and valuation is obtained at the Catastral office and a property inspection is carried out to assess value. Transfer taxes are paid and the document obtained from the Catastral office is inserted in the pubic deed. Property registration takes place at the public registry.

    What’s special about Nicaragua from an investment perspective?

    • An early-in market with lower prices than others in the region.
    • The passion for living and welcoming spirit of her citizens.
    • Low cost of living to entice the lifestyle purchaser.
    • Historic colonial homes, lots right on a surf break, beachfront vacation homes, ocean view condos, the property market has much to offer.
    • The beginnings of a strong green real estate and responsible development movement.
    • Relatively undiscovered – a destination to be experienced now as it was meant to be experienced.

    Reasons why investors are taking a position in the Nicaragua real estate market


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  1. Christopher W. Allen

    Feb 16, 2012

    Christopher W. Allen
    Feb 16, 2012
    I wish to purchase a small beach cottage near a surf beach and town on an acre or two.
    In Nicaragua


    • admin

      Feb 16, 2012

      Hi Christopher, Thanks for the comment. Nicaragua has a great many investment opportunities located close to a surf break. I’ll reply to you offline. Best, Jane


      • John

        Mar 24, 2012

        I’m also looking for what Christopher is looking for – in Florida


  2. John Shuls

    May 23, 2012

    New to Nicaragua you can now get a home inspection on an existing home or progress inspections on new construction you should get inspections to avoid costly repairs you had not planed for. Water testing is now easy and performed by Nicaragua Home Inspections to U.S. EPA standards. There is no compromise when it comes to safe water for your family.


  3. Byron Zelaya

    Jun 08, 2012

    I’m selling a 120 acre ranch (finca) in the area of Jinotega, at just 3 kilometers from San Rafael del Norte.
    Please contacte me if interested in listing.



    • Claudia

      Jun 19, 2012

      Hi Byron, I have contacted you by email.


    • Doug Mulder

      Jun 25, 2012

      I will be in Jinotega June 30 to July 3rd please give a brief overview and your asking price.




      • admin

        Jun 26, 2012

        Hi Doug, Thanks for contacting us. To review owners listings for Nicaragua, just scroll up this page. Have a great trip.


  4. Mike

    Jul 05, 2012

    Real estate market in Nicaragua looks booming. Hope this will continue.


  5. Real Estate in Nicaragua

    Oct 10, 2012

    Our readers love everything about living and retiring in Nicaragua. It is one of our top retirement destinations. Retirees love the affordable cost of living, the friendly people, the stunningly beautiful landscape, the superb weather that Nicaragua has to offer.


  6. billy dunlap

    Jan 06, 2013

    I would like updates on real estate opportunities in south west nicarauga


    • admin

      Jan 06, 2013

      Hi Billy, Thanks for checking in. The best way to keep up to date with real estate opportunities in Nicaragua is to sign up to receive our listings by email. You’ll find the sign up bar at the top of the website. For current listings, just scroll up and review what’s available.


  7. Roman Petr

    Feb 10, 2013

    Hi, looking for Property close to the Ocean, possibly small Fruit Farm or soil to be able
    to do Farming for privat use, not busines. Aprox. $ 90.000,00 Cash


    • admin

      Feb 20, 2013

      Hi Roman, Scroll up to the top of this page to get our latest owner listings in Nicaragua. Fill in the contact form and you’ll be put in direct contact with the owners. Thanks very much for stopping by.


  8. terry wilson

    Feb 24, 2013

    I am possibly looking for property in your country…I would like to have somewhere between 20 to 100 acres, with some development on it and within 20 min. drive from a major tourist zone. I am a welder by trade as well as a mechanic, and would like to set up a small business in renting out motorcycles to tourists. I would also be willing to teach local people with my welding trade, as well as hiring to help with the rentals.can you provide information on importation of motorcycles, possible government incentives that would aid in getting this business up and running with the use of as many local persons as well.
    Thank you


    • admin

      Mar 07, 2013

      Hi Terry, Thanks for the note. We’ll contact you by email. Also, check out our Nicaragua owners listings by scrolling up this page.


  9. Kaufmann

    Mar 22, 2013

    How are the laws related to real estate in real estate. Is it easy to buy a property in nicaragua?


    • admin

      Mar 24, 2013

      With the exception of some land located near the frontiers, in Nicaragua foreigners have equal rights as Nicaragua citizens to own property. For any real estate purchase it makes sense to hire a competent and independent attorney to review the title history and represent you at the closing.


  10. Cal Gary

    May 07, 2013

    It is really great that you share for us such useful overview of the market in Central America. Thanks a lot one more time for the useful information.


    • admin

      Oct 21, 2013

      Thanks for the kind words Cal.


  11. Paul Ciceri

    Feb 16, 2014

    If one were to retire in Nicaragua from the U.S. can one become a Real Estate agent? If so, what has to be done? Any benefit if one is a licensed real estate agent in the U.S.?


    • admin

      Feb 17, 2014

      Yes it would be possible to become a real estate agent in Nicaragua. Although not a requirement, being a licensed real estate agent in the US does demonstrate that you understand the industry. (Do bear in mind that the market operates differently in Nicaragua than in the US. Local real estate agents work more as buyers agents than listing agents).


  12. stew cameron

    Mar 02, 2014

    please send listing for property located in milder climate regions with fresh water lake fishing areas please….considering for retirement.Ontario Canada


    • admin

      Mar 03, 2014

      Hi Stew, Thanks for stopping by. Its great that you are considering Nicaragua for retirement. Please look out for an email from us.


  13. tristan

    Mar 12, 2014

    Hi- I have an absolutely unique property for sale on lake apoyo. The construction, design, and location are fantastic. Winner of Cemex architectural award for property best integrated with its environment.


  14. alan

    Jul 19, 2014

    Ready for lifestyle change and to come down and start a new lifestyle and business. Where, how, options, etc.

    Alan And Melinda


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