Property Hotspots In Central America

Real estate activity is not uniform across a country. Some areas stand out as being more attractive to international real estate investors. We call these “property hotspots” and we’ve identified them in Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize.

Each hotspot has a different risk/reward profile. Some are early-in opportunities and others are more established real estate areas. But they all share the following three characteristics that make international property hunters sit up and take notice:

1. The tourists are coming

Tourism is a good predictor of future growth and our hotspots encompass the tourism heartland areas for each country. If tourists go there, it’s an area that is likely to have local appeal that will also attract real estate investors. They’re probably also good bets for rental income.

2. Local attractions

Granted our hotspots may not all have golf courses nearby, or glitzy metropolitan living on offer, but all have a good range of local attractions. Most are visually appealing with unique characteristics that make them stand out.

3. Infrastructure improvements

We weren’t able to pick places that are about to host the Olympic Games, but the areas we have chosen are seeing real infrastructure improvements, mostly in the form of roads, telecommunications and utilities.

Property Hotspots In Belize

Ambergris Caye – The caye is the most popular destination for Belize real estate. Tourists, investors and retirees come for the classic Caribbean experience: soft white sand, swaying palm trees and aquamarine water so clear that you can see the coral below. The great barrier reef … Read more about Ambergris Caye real estate.

Placencia – The Placencia Peninsula runs for 16 miles from the coastal community of Riversdale to Placencia Village at its southernmost tip. The palm fringed beach running along its entire length is easily one of the best on the mainland of Belize… Read more about Placencia real estate.

Corozal – The town has a picturesque setting behind a sea wall on the gently curving Corozal Bay. The town is a haphazard collection of clapboard Caribbean houses mixed in with cement block housing and Mexican styles…. Read more about Corozal real estate.

Property Hotspots In Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur – A small port town located on a crescent shaped bay on Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast. What started as a low-key tourist destination has evolved in recent years to become a hub of real estate activity with investors attracted by … Read more about San Juan del Sur real estate.

Tola & Popyo – The Pacific Tola Riviera is an 18 kilometer stretch of coastline between the towns of Tola and El Astillero. A number of large developments dominate the real estate scene mixed in with some smaller scale offerings. All around are sparkling … Read more about Tola and Popoyo real estate.

Central Pacific Coast – There is a buzz in the air about the beaches located due west of the capital city Managua, an area locally referenced as the Central Pacific. A number of large scale resort-style real estate developments are underway taking advantage of the close proximity to the international airport… Read more about the Central Coast of Nicaragua.

Granada & Lake Apoyo – The colonial town of Granada is a big draw for tourists and expatriates. Visitors to the town experience a rich history dating back to the Spanish conquistadors, beautiful colonial architecture and a coherent, walk-able historical center. There are many places to dine out and the town boasts a surprisingly vibrant nightlife. Being one of the oldest … Read more about Granada real estate and Lake Apoyo.

Property Hotspots In Costa Rica

Coco, Playa Hermosa and Papagayo – Luxury resorts and famous hotel brands pepper this upscale part of Guanacaste, close to Costa Rica’s second international airport at Liberia. The airport started receiving international flights at the end of 2002 and is a text book example of … Read more about the Coco, Playa Hermosa and Papagayo area.

Flamingo – An affluent vacation area in the booming Guanacaste region for Costa Rica real estate. Tourists are attracted to the spectacular beaches, the world-class sport fishing (there’s an international tournament every year) and the numerous dive spots. The real estate dollars are following close behind… Read more about Flamingo real estate.

Tamarindo – This beautiful beach-side town lies on the southern end of a long sandy bay first made famous by surfers and deep-sea fishermen. The bay continues to the north to include Playa Grande, separated from Tamarindo beach by a salt water estuary. Playa Grande is a protected nesting area for the giant leatherback turtle. Read more about Tamarindo real estate.

Jaco – Famous for its wild nights and epic surf. The town lies in a wide, grey-sand bay. In the busier north end the streets are a patchwork of souvenir stands, internet cafes, night-clubs and bars with a line of hotels along the beach front … Read more about Jaco real estate.

Property Hotspots In Panama

Boquete – Nestled at the foot of Volcan Baru at 3,478 ft (1,060m), Boquete is famous for its cool climate, green valleys, rushing rivers and mountain vistas. The rich, fertile soils in the area provide an ideal setting for floral exportation and coffee growing. On some nights … Read more about Boquete real estate.

Bocas del Toro – The archipelago of Bocas del Toro has become a key tourist destination for visitors to Panama. The cluster of islands were formed tectonically and are much loved by naturalists who rave about the rich jungle vegetation, mangroves, coral reefs and … Read more about Bocas del Toro real estate.

Azuero Peninsula – The relative remoteness of the Azuero Peninsula has been its biggest obstacle to development. But this is slowly changing and Azuero is now beginning to attract the attention it deserves. This is a beautiful part of Panama, surrounded by the Gulf of Panama to the east and the Pacific ocean to the south … Read more about real estate on Azuero Peninsula.

Coronado & San Carlos – The 40 kilometers of Pacific coast beaches starting at Punta Chame and stretching to Farallon has long been a favorite weekend destination for Panama City Residents. The well-heeled beachside community at Playa Coronado started the real estate trend in this area … Read more about Coronado real estate.

Panama City– The capital of Panama, is vibrant, colourful and diverse. Touted as the “Gateway to the Americas”, the city is a world class financial center and business hub. Famous for its towering skyline and tangle of cranes it’s sometimes easy to forget that the skyscrapers rub shoulders … Read more about Panama City real estate.