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  • Costa Pedasi For Sale : $100,000-$410,000

    The Costa Pedasi gated community is located on 235 acres at the southeastern tip of Azuero Peninsula, purchase five minutes drive from Pedasi. Ocean view and ocean front lots are available on which buyers can either build their   more...

    Country : Panama

    Location : Azuero Peninsula

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Real Estate Market Overview
  • The relative remoteness of the Azuero Peninsula has been its biggest obstacle to development. But this is slowly changing and Azuero is now beginning to attract the attention it deserves. This is a beautiful part of Panama, surrounded by the Gulf of Panama to the east and the Pacific ocean to the south. With a dramatic shoreline, great surf, rolling hills, national parks and island vistas, the coming years may see this region emerge as Panama’s new tourism frontier.

    The eastern side of the Peninsula is more populated and has the charming towns of Pedasi, Las Tablas and Chitre. Drivng from Panama City most stop at Las Tablas, a historic country town with a famous annual Carnival. Chitre is also an important center with rich traditions and a rural heritage that runs deep. But for real estate, surfing (Playa Vendado is probably the most famous break), and a sense of where the region may be headed, visitors should head to Pedasi.

    Pedasi real estate

    Life in Pedasi is unhurried and peaceful. But there’s also a sense that the town has its eye on the future and is getting started as a real estate destination. In 2005-7 pioneer investors arrived and bought up huge tracks of land at low prices around Pedasi and on the less developed western coast of the Azuero Peninsula. Some of these early entrants are now turning these parcels into real estate development selling property for the end users.  Ocean view lots in Azuero are priced below the average for Panama as a whole).

    Pedasi has a young but growing tourism industry, well maintained infrastructure and good roads. There’s even talk of an ‘international’ airport, but this is likely to be many years away.

    Getting to Pedasi on the Azuero Peninsula

    The drive from Panama City to Pedasi is approximately 5 hours. If you are visiting the western coast, plan on 6-7 hours drive time. The roads are generally in good condition on the Azuero Peninsula. Pedasi has a domestic airport receiving flights from Panama City.

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  1. dora maya

    May 15, 2012

    I am looking to buy a property at the peninsula de azuero where surfing is available


    • Jane

      May 16, 2012

      Hi Dora, We’ve just started to focus on the Azuero area so there will be more listings shortly. Check out the real estate projects and any individual listings that have been listed as-well.


  2. derek williams

    Jul 05, 2012

    I visited los tablas and pedasi in ’07. i took the bus there from the city. it was a comfortable 4 – 5 hour ride, on well maintained highway. passing through the towns on the way was informative of its own. Once in tablas i took a taxi to pedasi, 40 or so minutes. again the roads were good and the people i met along the way were very friendly. i had a great stay in a reasonably priced inn. the beaches nearby were pristine and totally inviting. i spent two days there enjoying good food, good people and good vibes.


  3. Michael Butler

    Sep 09, 2015

    I am looking for some land about 2000-3000 ft. where it is cooler than on the beaches. Are there any towns or expat communities on the Anzuero Peninsula or in the Central Mts?


  4. Michael R. Hillyer

    Mar 31, 2016

    We are looking for 75 degree mountain weather on the Pacific Coast side of Azuero. Is it there?
    Can you offer suggestions?
    We leave tomorrow for PC and will be able to come to the area on Sunday.

    Thank you,

    Michael R. Hillyer


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