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  • Valle Escondido For Sale : $175,000-$650,000

    With constructions having started in 2001, discount Valle Escondido is one of the first master-planned communities in Panama. The resort is a ten minute walk from the center of Boquete and has approximately 200 planned residences of which   more...

    Country : Panama

    Location : Boquete

  • Boquete Country Club, Panama For Sale : $70,000-$950,000

    Boquete Country Club is located 3.5 km south of Boquete on the road to Palmira. The master plan calls for a clubhouse with restaurant-bar, ampoule gym and spa, equestrian center and tennis courts.

    Country : Panama

    Location : Boquete

  • Boquete Meadows Panama For Sale : $110,000-$270,000

    Boquete Meadows is located 5 minutes from Boquete town. Investors can choose from four house designs as part of phase 1 over a 10 hectare site arranged around a social area with swimming pool and clubhouse.

    Country : Panama

    Location : Boquete

  • Boquete Plantation Panama For Sale : $90,000-$150,000

    Located 4.7 miles west of Boquete, rx the master plan at Boquete Plantation offers lots for sale within a working coffee farm. The final 1/4 mile of the access road to the project is unpaved.

    Country : Panama

    Location : Boquete

  • Vista Boquete Condominiums For Sale : $195,000-$345,000

    The master plan at Vista Boquete consist of 57 condo units within a gated community with clubhouse and swimming pool. The real estate development is located minutes from the town of Boquete.

    Country : Panama

    Location : Boquete

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Real Estate Market Overview
  • Boquete, nestled at the foot of Volcan Baru at 3,478 ft (1,060m), is famous for its cool climate, green valleys, rushing rivers and mountain vistas. The rich, fertile soils in the area provide an ideal setting for floral exportation and coffee growing. On some nights you’ve got to wrap up warm as the temperatures can dip to 50 F (a rarity in Panama), but mostly night time temperatures stay in the mid 60s. By day, visitors spend their time bird watching, horse-riding, white-water rafting, hiking and fishing.

    The Boquete real estate buzz started several years ago with Valle Escondido, a gated resort community with a 9 hole executive golf course, just outside town. This buzz is set to get louder as the $30 million upgrade to the primary runway at the Enrique Malek International Airport in David gets underway. The runway is being lengthened to allow 737s and the facilities to handle international traffic are being added. The ability to accept international flights to David will be a strong boost to the second home market in Boquete, located just 45 minutes away on a recently improved road.

    There is no doubting that Boquete is firmly on Panama’s real estate map. It’s becoming a well established second home and retirement destination with some of the county’s finest boutique hotels and restaurants, bilingual medical services, many banks, as well as golf. Property investors can choose from a range of offerings, at different price points, all designed to make best use of the spring-like climate and pleasant natural setting.

    The financial crisis of 2008/9 shook things up a bit, and in it’s aftermath we’re seeing the real estate dollars trend towards the more established projects with completed property and ready infrastructure, and away from the more speculative offerings.

    Getting to Boquete, Panama

    Instead of driving the 7 hours from Panama Ciity, most visitors fly to the domestic airport at David (which is currently undergoing an updgrade to receive international flights) and drive the 45 minutes to Boquete. The road from David is paved as are most secondary roads in the area.

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  1. Boquete For Sale

    Jul 13, 2010

    The real estate market in Boquete heated up quickly in early 2003 and remained hot until the real estate crisis in the United States in late 2008. Prices pulled back for the greater part of 2009, but we have seen a resurgence of buyers into the market this year, fueled mainly by a fear of new taxes and regulations in the United States. Inventories of existing homes are dwindling and there are signs that the overall market is picking up again.


  2. Janeth

    Oct 20, 2011

    Hi, I am a real estate professional with Casa Solution in Boquete. Here are some of our thoughts about the area. If you choose to visit, wed be happy to be of service.

    Nestled in a cool and verdant valley, Boquete in Chiriqui is a deeply beautiful mountain community blessed with yearround springlike weather, incredible views around every corner and warm people with a rich culture. Boquete boasts a growing number of amenities including excellent restaurants, spas, hotels, shops, supermarkets, gyms and endless opportunities to experience the natural wonder of the region.

    Boquete is experiencing significant growth and that development is expected to escalate partially due to two major infrastructure projects underway:
    – Highway expansion. Construction is well underway the main road that links Boquete to David Panamas third largest city is under expansion from two simple lanes to a four lane highway under a 117.6 million contract. This will make the area far more accessible to tourists and new residents.
    – Airport expansion. There is a four phase program to dramatically upgrade the international airport in David. 27 million has already been allocated, the first phase of runway expansion is already complete, and the new massive terminal is going up quickly. The existing building currently services immigration and customs needs as it receives regular flights from San Jose, Costa Rica. The new facility will be much larger and better facilitate the arrival of larger planes with more passengers. All of this is in preparation for direct US flights to David though formal and firm announcements or routes will likely come after terminal completion.

    Boquete has a thriving expatriate retiree and lifestyle community. Well over a thousand people from the United States, Europe, Canada and other regions have chosen Boquete as their new home for a wonderful and exciting new lifestyle. As a result there are a wide range of social activities including a weekly Tuesday market, English language social groups, and many of the newcomers integrate through Boquetes extensive charitable network.

    Since so many people are new to the area, making new friends in Boquete is pretty easy. Its a very social environment whether you live in or outside of Boquetes fine gated residential communities. Read more about these Boquete developments in the current Casa Solution newsletter available at Feel free to email us with questions at


  3. Eddie miller

    Apr 02, 2013

    Could you please email me back I am interested in renting a house in bouquets.




    • admin

      Apr 07, 2013

      Dear Eddie, Unfortunately we do not deal with rental property. I have also contacted you by email.


  4. Mayra Marsh

    Mar 15, 2015


    My husband and I are retiring and we only have $105,000 in Cash to purchase a home. We like Boquette because of the climate. We would like a 2 or 3 bedroom home about 1600+ square feet of living space, with mountain views. If furnished we could afford up to $110,000 Cash. Is it possible to purchase or build something in our price range? Also, could you please give us an indication of what cost of living would be including utility costs and internet? His monthly retirement income is approximately $1460 per month. Are there local markets where we could buy fruits and vegetables for reasonable costs? Will we need a car or are there bus lines? Sorry for so many questions. Thank you so much.


  5. John mohr

    Jun 19, 2015

    I am interested in purchasing a house for under 100k. To retire in about 2 years.
    Thinking about coming down in august.


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