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  • Luxury resorts and famous hotel brands pepper this upscale part of Guanacaste, close to Costa Rica’s second international airport at Liberia. The airport started receiving international flights at the end of 2002 and is a text book example of the positive impact a new transport link can make on a property market. The area is very accessible with good roads, a well developed infrastructure and many local amenities.

    The area takes in beautiful Papagayo Peninsula in the north, Playa Hermosa a quaint fishing town not to be confused with its namesake located close to Jaco beach in Puntarenas, and Playas del Coco to the south. Playas del Coco and Hermosa make a good base for fishing expeditions, diving trips and for exploring the area.

    The region saw massive growth in the boom years with a series of high-end luxury developments and big name hotel brands putting money in the area. Real estate prices followed. So when it comes to ocean view property, median asking prices in the area are higher than the average for Costa Rica as a whole and – as you would expect – higher than our Reveal Real Estate average.

    Getting to the northern part of Guanacaste

    A very comfortable 15-25 minute ride from Liberia International Airport.

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  1. Susan

    Nov 29, 2009

    I have over 30 in this area. It has grown so fast in the past 10 years and will probably continue at this pace for the next 10 years. Yes there are infrastructure problems, there are cons too. Overall, I love the place.

    I recommend you find a good Realtor not a fast talker that will tell you the truth about the area you are interested in. Realtors charge the property owners a whopping 5 to 10 for putting you in contact with them. You and the owner have to pay all costs for the transaction.

    Talk to the local people, they can put you in contact with land owners or property owners that may be interested in selling. The locals are a wealth of knowledge that no foreigner can have even after 30 years of living here. So imagine those who only have 10 years in the country. There is a shortage of electricity, water and phones so make sure it is IN PLACE and not coming.

    Things move slower than molasses here so dont count on the government for anything. If you dont see it in place, then it wont be there for years unless you do it. Slow down when you get here, it is too hot to rush around. Enjoy the wildlife but dont pet the animals.

    Remember this was a 3rd world just 20 years ago. So try not to expect too much. There is crime, so dont walk around looking Glamorous or porting a big wad of money. Keep an eye on your belonging at all times. There is no such thing as law suits for damages or anything else EXCEPT negligence. So remember you do things at your own risk.

    This is a simple way of life, back to the basics with no frills. But that is changing. Leave your expectations behind and come and enjoy life here in Costa Rica on the Northern Pacific Coast.


    • Peter Lahm

      Mar 17, 2012

      Hi Susan. Thanks for the info. I have been going down now for the past 5yrs and I would like to make a purchase. I feel that the info you have provided is pretty much on the money. Do you own down there and if so how do you like it and is there any more you can tell me. Thanks Pete


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