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  • Palmetto Bay, Maya Beach Belize For Sale : $320,000-$700,000

    Palmetto Bay offers beach front condos (1, medicine 000 - 4, troche 500 sq/ft) on the Placencia Peninsula, order just south of Maya Beach. The phase 1 master plan envisages a 150   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Placencia Residences For Sale : $350,000-$950,000

    The Placencia Hotel and Residences are located 20 minutes from Placencia Village, Belize. Beach front condos next to the hotel are available. A new phase of "Marina Residences" are underway with Lagoon frontage across from the hotel. The pace of   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Placencia Yacht Club, Belize For Sale : $130,000-$375,000

    Placencia Yacht Club is offering serviced lots and condos for sale on Placencia Caye facing downtown Placencia across 400m of water. The development includes 16 Colonial/Victorian style units with private boat slips as well as a newer lot release. Lots   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Los Porticos For Sale : $290,000-$500,000

    Los Porticos is a 44 unit complex located in a very convenient location a mile and a half from Placencia village in Belize and a quarter of a mile from the airstrip. Los Porticos attracts owners and visitors looking for   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Bella Maya Resort and Residences For Sale : $345,000-$450,000

    The Bella Maya resort comprises 60 apartments set on 6 acres of beach and lagoon front land on Placencia Peninsula, Belize. The resort is located 10 miles from Placencia Village and is located on both sides of the road that   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • The Villas at Cocoplum For Sale : $315,000-$1,200,000

    The Villas at Cocoplum are located within a 224 gated community in Placencia, case Belize known as Cocoplum. The condo site has 500 feet of frontage and 12 units have been completed along with swimming pool, pier,   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Wild Orchid Properties For Sale : $110,000-$150,000

    A discreet, here private and well-maintained selection of waterfront lots with docking facilities on the lagoon side of Placencia. The waterfront lots have been beautifully landscaped and provide nice views of the lagoon with the Maya mountains   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Copal Beach Resort For Sale : $1,275,000

    Copal Beach Resort offers 105 beachfront condos for sale on Placencia Peninsula in Belize, physician in a series of five-story towers. The design is modern European and the master plan includes resort style amenities including shopping, restaurants and   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

  • Cocoplum Belize For Sale : $109,000-$450,000

    Cocoplum is a master planned beachfront community of 224 acres on the Placencia Peninsula of Belize. The master plan includes 9,000 feet of beach and lagoon front, 110 single family home sites, a twenty acre boutique resort site with marina   more...

    Country : Belize

    Location : Placencia

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Real Estate Market Overview
  • Placencia Peninsula runs for 16 miles from the coastal community of Riversdale to Placencia Village at its southernmost tip. The palm fringed beach running along its entire length is easily one of the best on the mainland of Belize.

    The road runs the length of the peninsula all the way to Placencia Village on its southern tip, unhealthy passing the small communities of Maya Beach and Seine Beight and jinking round the airstrip. 2009 saw the paving of the section of road from Maya Beach to the South towards Placencia Village. This now connects more real estate developments to Placencia airport by paved road improving comfort and accessibility. And once the Riversdale airport located at the north end of the peninsula is complete, sickness this will kick things up by yet another notch.

    Placencia is already firmly on the tourist visitors map and allows quick access to offshore cays and diving sites. A short boat ride cross the lagoon, pharmacy brings you to the starting off point for a multitude of inland tours. Those staying on the peninsula can while away the time walking the famous one-mile sidewalk that runs through the sand, stopping off at the souvenir shops, bars and beach-side restaurants.

    Most of the real estate developments are between Seine Bight village and Placencia village. Placencia village has notably fewer condo projects than San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, but more are in the wings. With the paving of the road this trend may accelerate.

    Getting to Placencia, Belize

    Scheduled Maya and Tropic Air domestic flights land frequently at Placencia Airport. If driving from Belize City, most take the Hummingbird Highway, tuning right on the Southern Highway until you reach the left hand turn to Placencia.

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  1. Tahvory Bunting

    Jan 05, 2009

    I recently visited Placencia Belize for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. I stayed at Roberts Grove for a short time and then Captain Jaks two wonderful places to stay in Placencia. I had such a great time in the village, walking around shopping and enjoying my time there. I most especially love the people and the dining. The people in Placencia are so helpful and kind. We would hang out at the bar and chat with the bartenders for hours. The shopping there is great. I purchased a wonderful hand carved mask and got to choose the piece of wood that it was made from. The artists name was Even. He even dropped it off at my place later. I love it.

    Went and visited the property called The Villas at Cocoplum. What a wonderful development. If you’re looking to invest in property in Belize, be sure to visit the onsite folks at The Villas at Cocoplum. The buildings are really well built and the views overlooking the Caribbean are incredible. Prices are great too. I will definitely visit Placenica again soon.


  2. Mister B

    Jan 05, 2009

    Placencia is amazing! SO much to do. Great setting and great fiendly people who actually enjoy americans as well as anyone from anywhere. Recently we were there and enjoyed the antelope falls hike at the Mayflower national park nearby. Saw 2 howler monkeys 20 above my head and on the way back fresh jaguar prints atop my hikein shoe prints! Saw not a single person! Placencia is a true treasue that continues to amaze me and my family. We have decided to purchase some real estate in the area. Most likely a condo due to the simplicity. Several projects are sold out yet a few more are planned. The villas at cocoplum was one we visited which really caught our attention. Several units just got completed so we are excited about being able to move right in in case we decide to buy. Great design, nice amenities and a really cool shaped pool. I heard that they may even have a talking parrot at the pool bar as the mascot. We will be back in early February to most likely make a purchase in Placencia. Gotta love paradise right at your doorstep!


  3. Sandy Brown

    Nov 04, 2009

    My wife and I first went to Placencia 20 years ago. We were on our way to the cayes to sea kayak and Placencia was the place to get water and from which to head out to the cayes. We would spend another night in Placencia on our way home. It was our spot to get a home cooked meal literally and clean up after a couple of weeks on the cayes. It wasnt until the late 1990s when the cayes were over run with sea kayakers, even as other cayes became private with access either blocked or relatively crowded, that we realized, Placencia is kind of nice in itself. We missed the cayes, the sea kayaks, and the wilderness experience of being 20 miles from any civilization with the world ones own but Placencia offered friendly people, interesting fellow travelers, and a scruffy town with a real charm about it.

    During the course of the next decade electricity was brought in to the town from the mainland and so was water. No longer was the town at the mercy of cisterns and brackish wells. Not having to listen to the generator on top of the fish coop blanket the town with its noisy presence all day was a huge relief. Over time the back packers and sea kayakers spent more time in Placencia and divers and fishermen discover it too. Placencia grew quickly with new restaurants and guest houses flourishing and a steady stream of tourists. The towns people, who had grown up as fishermen, adapted to life as restaurant owners, innkeepers, and guides for outdoor sports.

    All that came to a halt on October 8, 2001 when Iris, a category 4 hurricane, made a direct hit on Monkey River only a few miles south. Placencia was shaken up pretty badly. Many homes were lost and vegetation was almost completely stripped from the end of the peninsula. Eight years later, coconut palms line the beach again, many of the huge mango trees have regenerated nicely, and it took years to bring back the hibiscus, oleander, bouganvia, plumeria, flamboyant and all the other flowering plants that make Placencia so charming despite its rough edges. It took half a decade for Placencia to rebuild both the town and the tourist trade after Iris.

    Placencia is different than it was a decade ago. It has lost a lot of its innocence. There are many more stores. It has three banks. Cement houses are becoming much more common replacing the wooden houses on piers. The has road been cleaned of a lot of general debris that lined it and the town has made an effort to become less of a third world fishing village and more of a fishing village looking tourist destination. Another huge change is the number of hotel and guest rooms that have been built in town.

    The global economic crisis came next and it hasnt been pretty. Towns like Placencia are especially hit hard by this depression because the US, Canada and Europe are their tourist base. The tourist business was very slow last year and I dont think many would expect different this coming winter. I cant help but think of all the empty rooms and restaurants and worry for the people of Placencia. Similarly, If the hotels in town cant fill their beds, I cant imagine who would buying all these condos that are apparently being built at record pace. There are just too few people around. Several years ago we bought land in Placencia village at the north end of the sidewalk and have built a house there. I suppose some day all those condos up the peninsula will sell, and real communities could be built up and down the peninsula, but it will take decades. Meanwhile the little town of Placencia, fewer than 500 people, that has given its name to the entire peninsula, and upon whose name all these developers are trying to capitalize, will struggle to survive, and to maintain its quirky fishing village identity.


  4. Hannah

    Feb 26, 2010

    Having come to a wonderful funky fishing village 10 years ago, starting a business and successfully building its reputation up from nothing and selling it and then starting another, Placencia certainly boasts an enormous opportunity for the entrepreneur.

    It also retains a friendly colorful and fun environment for the adventure traveler and for luxury tourist alike. just dont expect typical and you will be pleasantly surprised what a memorable stay you will have.

    People love it more often than not and those who can afford it buy as soon as possible and those that cant wait and hope there time will come. buying in Placencia is a sure investment as locals and visitors alike retain there value of these limited but excellent assets.


  5. casey butz

    Feb 11, 2014

    Please send me some information on any lagoon lots that are for sale at a reasonable price. I would like to be close to Placencia, thank you for your help, Casey


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